Save Fuel

  1. The 30-second warm-up — Idle your engine during its initial start for more than 30 seconds only wastes fuel. Car engines warm up faster when they are in motion.
  2. Drive at moderate speeds — Always rely on the feather foot pressure approach on the accelerator. This will result in even better fuel savings. Driving below speed limits on highways produces even greater fuel savings.
  3. Maintain tyre pressure — Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption significantly. It also increases wear on the outer edges of the tread, besides impairing normal braking and traction.
  4. Anticipate driving conditions — The smoother your driving pattern, the better your fuel economy. Fuel is wasted by driving too close to the car ahead, since you must constantly brake and accelerate.
  5. Avoid unnecessary idling — It takes less fuel to restart a car after the engine has warmed up, than to idle it for more than a minute. While waiting for someone, stop the engine if you anticipate to wait awhile.
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